Help When It Matters

Get Involved Now, Not Later

Our Mission

We want to make a difference when it matters, not once it is too late. There are far too many vulnerable people who don’t receive help until it doesn’t make a difference. Our focus is on getting involved early, especially aimed at helping single mothers, those with developmental disabilities, the elderly, and any others vulnerable to being targeted by those with bad intentions.

Some of What We Offer!

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Stack of books

Inclusion Children's Book

Our book, Lily Bear, focuses on the life of a young bear who doesn't feel they fit in, but receives help from friends and family!

Newspaper mock-up

Four Coasts Journal

This newspaper insert will be used up and down the four coasts to raise awareness and funds for local human trafficking prevention.

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House and Item Sales

Safe and professional verified item and property sales for elderly that are vulnerable to scammers and unscrupulous buyers.

Behind the Curtain

Four Coasts exist so we can make a difference, but who are we? We want to get to know you, so feel free to get to know us! Click here to learn about the team behind the company!